McDonalds Lesce

Yes, you’ll find a McDonald’s in the Bled area. It includes a restaurant, a McDrive and a McCafé.

McDonalds is a well renowned fast food restaurant with more than 30,000 McDonald’s restaurants in over 120 countries around the world. When traveling, most people try not to head for the familiar fast-food places of home, preferring to eat at local restaurants and sample the local cuisine. But, every now and then, it’s nice to slip in to a familiar place. And if you wonder how the food in the McDonalds Lesce tastes compared to back home, well, it is exactly the same. It’s a McDonalds, they are all the same, anywhere you go in the world (which is not necessarily a bad thing).

Culinary offer: fast food
Working time: non-stop 24/7
Tel.: +386 4 62 09 721
Address: Hraska cesta 21a, 4248 Lesce, Slovenia
Latitude and Longitude Coordinates: 46.366171, 14.159728
GPS coordinates: 46° 21′ 58.2156” N     14° 9′ 35.0208” E

Mcdonalds Lesce Slovenia

Directions from Apartments Fine Stay Gorenjska to McDonalds Lesce (drive 8 km, 8 minutes)

Directions from Apartments Fine Stay Bled to McDonalds Lesce (drive 5 km, 7 minutes)