We are really proud and honoured to receive a Guest Review Award 2016 from Booking.com!

We are delighted that the world’s leading online accommodation booking website Booking.com has awarded us a Guest Review Award for 2016, thanks to the excellent feedback from guests who have stayed with us. Many thanks to every one who stayed with us in 2016 and indeed many thanks to all those who have helped us on our way with their very kind reviews of us.

As you can see, we achieved a whopping 9.8 out of 10 rating, based on guest reviews received for the past year.
Guest Review Award 2016 from Booking.com for Apartment Fine Stay in Slovenia
The Award is given out by Booking.com to properties annually, in honour of their achievements over the past year as measured by their overall guest review score.

It’s always great to see positive results from our attempts to offer the best place to stay in the Lake Bled area and while the wording of the accompanying letter made us smile (in a very cheesy way) the meaning behind the award means a great deal to us.

The award text read:
Guest Review Awards 2016 letter from Booking

Global director of Partner Services at Booking.com Remco van Zanten said: “With our guest review awards, we congratulate, thank and honour the incredible dedication of our partners to create great guest experiences for our customers, time and time again.”

“Regardless of where they stay, travellers don’t just need a place to lay their head. A truly memorable stay lies in the details.”

“From the first picture a guest sees online, to the welcome they get at check-in, the food they eat and the ambience they find, their experience of a property is made up of dozens of vital little details.”

“The Booking.com Guest Review Awards recognises those properties that get all those details right.”

So a huge thank you to all of our lovely guests who made the award possible, and for showing your appreciation. It means so much!

Guest Review Awards 2016 sticker from Booking

We always love getting great feedback and appreciate what we we’ve received so far – if you’ve enjoyed your stay, let us know. If there is anything that would have made your stay even better, we’d love to hear about that too.

Three new 5-star reviews on Trip Advisor for our Fine Stay Bled apartments

Apartments Fine Stay Bled just got three new 5-star reviews on Trip Advisor. Thank you Charles, Geoff and Cathy for taking the time for such detailed and complimentary reviews of our apartments, we think future guests will really find that helpful and we appreciate it! You are welcome to stay at our apartment anytime!

Read what our guests that were here in March and April say about our apartments:
A Trip Advisor review of Apartments Fine Stay Bled by Charles

A Trip Advisor review of Apartments Fine Stay Bled by Geoff

A Trip Advisor review of Apartments Fine Stay Bled by Cathy

A Christmas tree already stands in the living room

We are still waiting for the first snow, but the Christmas time is getting closer so we decorated the apartment with a Christmas tree with lights, some holiday decorations and a poinsettia.

A Christmas tree with lights in the Fine Stay Apartment in Slovenia
The apartment is now decorated with a Christmas tree and some Christmas touches.

Fine Stay Apartment in Slovenia with a Christmas tree with lights
It feels like home when you stay at a cozy and warm apartment with a Christmas tree.

Holiday decorations and a poinsettia in the dinning area of the Fine Stay Apartment in Slovenia
Some holiday decorations and a poinsettia in the dinning area.

Fine Stay Apartment in Slovenia with some holiday decorations and a poinsettia
The Poinsettia is such a ubiquitous holiday decoration.

Fine Stay Apartment with some holiday decorations
A holiday decoration on a coffee table in the living room.

The autumn has arrived

The colorful Autumn has arrived and now is fascinating us with beautiful landscapes covered in leaves that dyed themselves into a brilliant array of warm colors, from lemon yellow to intense orange, to dark red. During this span of time, it’s best to take your camera with you wherever you go and take some beautiful pictures while the leaves are falling and the sun is shining. It is such a picturesque season that everywhere you look the scenery seems to be a fantastic photo opportunity.


Both images were taken by a local landscape photographer Ales Krivec in the vicinity of the apartment (nearby the Zavrsnica reservoir, less than a 10 minute walk from our place).