Skiing and Snowboarding

Skiing is a fantastic activity and our apartments are located right in the middle of 3 major Slovenian ski resorts – Kranjska Gora, Vogel, and Krvavec – each about a 30-minute drive. For families with young children and for beginner and intermediate level skiers we recommend Kranjska Gora or Vogel. For more demanding skiers we recommend Krvavec. Ski hire is available from a number of shops and there are lockers right next to the ski slopes so there is no problem in leaving your ski equipment next to the slopes and returning back to our apartment.

Kranjska Gora Ski Resort
Kranjska Gora ski resort isn’t the largest ski area in Slovenia but it’s the oldest one and the most beautiful one. It’s located on the border with Italy and Austria, about half an hour drive from the Bled area. The length of the ski paths is approximately 30 km. It’s perfect for beginner and intermediate level skiers, with slopes easily accessible directly from the center of Kranjska Gora. Everything in Kranjska Gora is geared towards making your and your children’s first ski experience a great one.

Kranjska Gora Ski Resort Address: Borovska cesta 103a, 4280 Kranjska Gora, Slovenia
Latitude and Longitude Coordinates: 46.484913, 13.77935
GPS coordinates: 46° 29′ 5.6868” N     13° 46′ 45.6600” E

Top elevation: 1623 m – (5,324 ft)
Base elevation: 785 m – (2,659 ft)
Skiable area: 308 acres (1.25 km2)
Runs: total 20 km
Longest run: 3,8 km – (2,4 miles)

Kranjska Gora ski resort in Slovenia near Austria

Kranjska Gora ski map

Vogel Ski Resort
In the heart of the Slovenian Alps, inside the Triglav National Park, above the beautiful Lake Bohinj is situated the Vogel Ski Resort. It’s about 35 minutes drive from the Bled area. The environment of the Slovenian Alps and absolutely stunning views give this ski-resort a special charm. Vogel is great for families, beginner and intermediate skiers. One of the characteristic, that more and more skiers appreciate, is the peaceful and quiet surrounding, free of the crowds that you can usually find on other ski-resorts. No lengthy queues, instructors are very patient and professional. Not overcrowded even in the peak of the winter season. There are several places to eat and drink on the hill, serving a variety of local dishes, pizza and so on at very good prices. In fact, nothing is expensive, from ski passes to ski hire. It is a very affordable way to ski. Because of it’s position, Vogel is one of the rare ski-resort on which you can ski on the natural snow till May.

Vogel Ski Resort Address: Ukanc 6, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero, Slovenia
Latitude and Longitude Coordinates: 46.275691, 13.834941
GPS coordinates: 46° 16′ 32.4876” N     13° 50′ 5.7876” E

Top elevation: 1800 m – (5,904 ft)
Base elevation: 560 m – (1,866 ft)
Skiable area: 0.78 square kilometres (190 acres)
Runs: Total 22 km
Longest run: 6,8 km – (4,2 miles)

Vogel skiing and snowboarding, near Bohinj in Slovenia

Vogel ski resort in Slovenia

Vogel ski map

Krvavec Ski Resort
Krvavec is the second-largest Slovenian ski resort and is about a 35-minute drive from the Bled area. The resort has a total of 30 km of ski slopes, suitable even for the more demanding skier. However, we think if you are very experienced you would get bored after 3 or 4 days. The infrastructure is excellent to and from the ski slopes. The parking is well organized, just keep driving up the road toward the gondola station until you see the parking attendants. From there a bus takes you up to the gondola station. The rental shop is at the top of the gondola. Ski down from the rental shop and straight in front of you is the four man lift which takes you up to the base of all the ski slopes, plus there are three restaurants here. So non-skiers can have a coffee and watch others skiing down the slopes in front of the restaurants. The skiing season usually lasts a minimum of 100 days and under the right conditions up to 150 days per year. Lift passes and ski hire are much cheaper than in the rest of Europe. All slopes are well maintained and fantastic views if you take the two man lift – left of the restaurants.

Krvavec Ski Resort Address: Grad 76, 4207 Cerklje na Gorenjskem, Slovenia
Latitude and Longitude Coordinates: 46.284948, 14.495937
GPS coordinates: 46° 17′ 5.8128” N     14° 29′ 45.3732” E

Top elevation: 1971 m – (6,465 ft)
Base elevation: 1450 m – (4,756 ft)
Skiable area: 1.06 square kilometres (261.9 acres)
Runs: Total 30 km

Krvavec Ski Resort near Ljubljana in Slovenia

Krvavec skiing in Slovenia

Krvavec snowboarding in Slovenia

Krvavec ski map

Directions from Apartments Fine Stay Gorenjska to:
– Kranjska Gora Ski Resort: drive 31 km, 30 minutes
– Vogel Ski Resort: drive 41 km, 36 minutes
– Krvavec Ski Resort: drive 46 km, 38 minutes

Directions from Apartments Fine Stay Bled to:
– Kranjska Gora Ski Resort: drive 40 km, 35 minutes
– Vogel Ski Resort: drive 32 km, 37 minutes
– Krvavec Ski Resort: drive 45 km, 36 minutes

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