Vogel View Point

The Vogel Ski Centre is worth visiting also in summer. Need good weather of course. After a very steep ascent up to 1534 meters above sea level on the cable car you are met with stunning views of Lake Bohinj and the surrounding mountains of the Slovenian Alps, including Mt. Triglav. It’s disabled & pushchair friendly. There’s a nice cafe restaurant on top, or you can bring some food and enjoy a fantastic picnic on the mountain. A zip wire for adults and children and a few hikes are available too! You can also take the Orlove Glave chair lift and go even higher up.

The cable car operates operates every day from 8.00 till 18.00, every half an hour. It operates until November 1st. Return tickets in the summer season €13.50 adults, €9 children (family discounts available). The Orlove Glave chair lift operates between 15 May and November 1st for weekend time, at Saturdays and Sundays from 9.00 till 15.00. It is not driving in bad weather.

Vogel view point

Vogel view point in Slovenia

Vogel view point with great views on the Slovenian Alps

Vogel offers incredible panoramic views of the Julian Alps and Lake Bohinj

Vogel view point offers panoramic views of Lake Bohinj and mountains

Vogel view point in the Gorenjska region of Slovenia
(photos: vogel.si)

Address of the parking place: Ukanc 6, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero
Latitude and Longitude Coordinates of the parking place: 46.27569, 13.83494
GPS coordinates of the parking place: 46° 16′ 32.4876” N     13° 50′ 5.7876” E
Traditional region: Upper Carniola (Slovene: Gorenjska)
Municipality: Bohinj

Directions from Apartments Fine Stay Gorenjska to Vogel View Point (drive 41 km, 40 minutes)

Directions from Apartments Fine Stay Bled to Vogel View Point (drive 32 km, 37 minutes)

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  1. Breathtaking. The views down the lake and up the mountains as the cable car ascends are spectacular. You can grab a spot of lunch in the restaurant or go off exploring the

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