Gorenjska region offers many different options for bikers. Bikers are welcome at Apartments Fine Stay. Apartments Fine Stay Gorenjska also have a garage where you can park your bikes.

Below are four different routes, which can be combined individually.

Route 1
Wurzen Pass/Korensko sedlo (border with Austria) – Kranjska Gora – Vrsic – Trenta – Bovec – Mangart – Predil Pass/Predel (border with Italy)
Route distance: 91 km
Duration: 2 hours
Descend Wurzen Pass/Korensko sedlo (1073 m) and go to Kranjska. Planica, the cradle of ski jumps, is located in its vicinity. Continue the drive into the Triglav National Park and ascend to Vrsic (1611 m), the highest mountain pass in Slovenia, connecting Kranjska Gora with the Trenta Valley. Some of the 48 sharp turns on the north side of the pass are still preserved paved. There are stunning panoramic views of Slovenian Alps on Vrsic. The route continues to the Soca River Valley, past Bovec and forward across the Predel/Predil Pass to Italy. Before reaching the Italian border you can go on a hiking trip on 12 km long mountain trail towards the mountain hut (1906 m) at the foot of 2677 m high Mangart Mountain (toll EUR 5), onto which you can climb. It takes you 2 hours from the mountain hut to the top of the mountain, but the gorgeous views will make the effort worthwhile when you reach the peak.

Image by Darij & Ana / CC BY 2.0


Route 2
Loibl Pass/Ljubelj (border with Austria) – Trzic – Jelendol – Begunje – Zirovnica – Lesce – Bled – Bohinjska Bela – Bohinjska Bistrica – Lake Bohinj – Soriska planina – Podbrdo – Most na Soci – Tolmin – Kobarid – Bovec – Predil Pass/Predel (border with Italy)
Route distance: 203 km
Duration: 5 hours
From the Loibl Pass/Ljubelj (1367 m) take the road to Trzic and then continue on the panoramic road to Begunje in the Gorenjska Region and drive through the Municipality of Zirovnica. Continue on the road to Bled. There is a small island in the middle of Lake Bled with the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary on it and the well-known wishing bell. From here continue to Lake Bohinj where a trip with the cable car to one of the most beautiful lookouts – Vogel – is recommended. Upon returning to Bohinjska Bistrica continue the route towards Podbrdo to Tolmin. You should not miss the latter since the road to it is well marked. If you are a fish-lover, you will become especially fond of this tour, since you can find a lot of excellent fish restaurants in Kobarid. On the return route the road leads you through Bovec along the Soca River. The Soca River is known after sport fishing and sport activities, due to its crystal clear emerald green water, white rocks and its basin. From there you can take the road over the Predil Pass/Predel to Italy.

Image by Darij & Ana / CC BY 2.0


Route 3
Wurzen Pass/Korensko sedlo (border with Austria) – Kranjska Gora – Jesenice – Gorje – Pokljuka Plain – Rudno Polje – Lake Bohinj – Bohinjska Bistrica – Zelezniki – Kropa – Naklo – Kranj – Sencur – Cerklje – Preddvor – Jezersko – Seeberg Saddle/Jezerski Vrh (border with Austria)
Route distance: 212 km
Duration: 5 hours
Take the road from Wurzen Pass/Korensko sedlo (1073 m) to Kranjska Gora and then ascend the Pokljuka Plain going through Jesenice and Gorje. When arriving on the top of the plain drive to Rudno polje where the centre of Biatlon World Cup is located. Then make your way along the road to Goreljek, Koprivnik and the picturesque villages of Bohinj’s Upper Valley towards Lake Bohinj. After the stop continue in the direction of Bohinjska Bistrica and continue over the Jelovica Plain through Zelezniki, famous for its rich heritage in iron work industry. In the Selca Village turn left in the direction of Drazgose, continue past the lookout on Jamnik to Kropa, the cradle of Slovene iron forging. A road with less traffic will lead you through Naklo to Kranj, the capital of the Gorenjska Region. Continue through Sencur, Zgornji Brnik, Cerklje and Visoko villages to Preddvor, where you can stop at Lake Crnava before ascending to Seeberg Saddle/Jezerski Vrh (border with Austria) on the steep road through the longest Slovene village, the Kokra Village. At the border crossing you can drink curative mineral water for refreshment and continue your drive through Zelezna Kapla in Austria.

Image by Darij & Ana / CC BY 2.0

Route 4
Seeberg Saddle/Jezerski Vrh (border with Austria) – Jezersko – Preddvor – Kranj – Skofja Loka – Gorenja vas – Ziri – Idrija – Tolmin – Kobarid – Bovec – Predil Pass/Predel (border with Italy)
Route distance: 190 km
Duration: 4 hours 30 minutes
Descend to Jezersko from Seeberg Saddle/Jezerski Vrh (1218 m) along a curvy mountain road and drive along the Kokra River to Preddvor, where Lake Crnava with its beautiful views invites you to make a quick stop. Then continue driving through the villages taking in the sights of beautiful fields, meadows and forests and the mountain range of Kamnik-Savinja Alps to Predoselj at Kranj. There you can visit the Brdo Park. The road will lead you from Kranj to Skofja Loka, the best preserved medieval town in Slovenia. Continue your journey through the Poljanska dolina Valley past Gorenja Vas to Ziri, a former lace handicraft centre. Descend to Idrija, where a former mercury mine can be viewed, along the picturesque road from Ziri. The road then leads you to Most na Soci and Tolmin, along the Idrijca River. Ascend to the Predil Pass/Predel along the emerald Soca River past Bovec and continue to Tarvisio/Trbiz (Italy) and Villach (Austria).

All four routes on a map: route 1 yellow, route 2 green, route 3 red, route 4 blue
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Motorcycling routes in Gorenjska, Slovenia on the map

Important telephone numbers:
– police: 113
– emergency call: 112

Traffic information centre for public roads
Telephone: 1970

Weather forecast:

Bikers Are Welcome at Apartments Fine Stay Gorenjska!
Image by Darij & Ana / CC BY 2.0

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